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9H hardness, unscratchable, shatterproof, covers up to 10" screens, kills bacteria, hydrophobic, cleaves fat, shields from radiation.

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How To Apply The Screen Protector Fluid

  • STEP 1: Clean the screen Using the enclosed microfiber cleaning pad to clean the screen of any particles and residues.
  • STEP 2: Apply WowFixIt Screen Protector Fluid, it is an actual liquid that you simply wipe on to your screen, Let it dry for 90 seconds. Done!
  • STEP 3: Polish Use the enclosed microfiber polishing cloth until the surface shines.

Extra Shock Resistance Liquid Screen Protector

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Customer Questions

Q: Is WOWFIXIT harmful in anyway to my smart phone or mobile device

A: No! WOWFIXIT Invisible Liquid Screen Protector is Safe for you, safe for your screens and safe for the environment. Actually, you will find that your screen is clearer and looks better than before you applied WOWFIXIT.

Q: Does WOWFIXIT invisible liquid screen protector make my screen scratch proof?

A: WOWFIXIT Invisible Liquid Screen Protector has been tested, proven and certified by TUV to make your screen 40% stronger than an untreated screen. This will make your screen 9H which is the same as Sapphire.

Q: How long does WOWFIXIT invisible liquid screen protector last?

A: WOWFIXIT Invisible Liquid Screen Protector will last up to 1 year.

Q: How do i apply WOWFIXIT invisible liquid screen protector?

A: It takes 3 easy steps to apply WOWFIXIT liquid screen protector and is easier than applying any other screen protector.

Step 1: Clean the entire glass surface of your screen and back camera lens thoroughly using the enclosed Cleaning Pad.

Step 2: Rub the Titanium Screen Protector Wipe on your device screen vertically and horizontally covering the complete glass surface for about 60-90 seconds.

Step 3: After the 60 seconds have passed, carefully polish the screen and back camera lens with Microfiber Cloth until surface shines.

Q: What happens if i apply WOWFIXIT invisible liquid screen protector more than twice?

A: Applying WOWFIXIT Invisible Liquid Screen Protector multiple times increases the protective qualities on the glass surface making your screen more resilient and ultimately stronger.

Q: After applying WOWFIXIT will i see any bubbles on my screen?

A: Our easy 3 step application process makes our product much easier to apply than most screen protectors in the market and you don’t have to worry about bubble formation under the screen. WOWFIXIT is invisible and completely bubble-free.

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Top reviews

Very easy to apply , invisible. I use this product for a couple of months now... I dropped my phone twice by accident. :( When I jumped out of my car,it fell down hard on the darn tilted driveway. It was sliding on it`s screen..The good thing is after all that, my screen still looks brand new! The phone is working great. Even an old screen protector would have scratched up.. This is a great product! Highly recommended!

By Brandi Whinters

Great. will buy again.

By Katie Progno

I am using this screen protector my wife gave me. Its a good quality product. I love this product because of Invisible protection, all my screens look new and it's pretty neat. You can use it on you device easily. Great choice, will buy more.

By Martin Bastille

Good quality screen protector for your phone... You can easily use this protector on any kind of device, like any kind of iPhone, Samsung, any brand.... Great and SUPER COOL! It's invisible! :D

By Scott Bander

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About this item

  • Protects ALL DEVICES - Smartphones, tablets, smart watches, camera lenses and more.
  • Up to 12 months GUARANTEED protection.
  • Antibacterial effect! Great for devices for children, this liquid protector wards off bacteria that other protectors collect!
  • Nano Technology is bubble free, ultra scratch resistant and completely invisible. When your phone's screen protector cracks or collects dirt, ours will always keep your screen crystal clear. Superior quality!
  • See your screen the way it was intended to be seen. Add to your camera lense for better pictures! Wowfixit allows more light in for better quality photos!

Liquid Screen Protector is Scratch Resistance

Titanium Oxide Nanotech: Virtually Impossible To Scratch

  • We use nanaotechnology and titanium dioxide to protech your device from scratches.
  • This smoothens the surface giving it a hardness of 9H, which corresponds to the hardness of Sapphire or Ruby
  • Its invisible and effectively protects glass from scratching and chipping under extreme conditions.

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Liquid Screen Protector Made Of Nano Technology

Withstand Impacts Upto 6kg

  • Likelihood of a display break in the case of a simple dropping is significantly reduced.
  • This allows the display to withstand impacts of up to 6kg
  • Nanoparticles combine in a crystal lattice-like structure creating one of the strongest chemical structures that can be achieved.
  • This grid will ensure that the display remains tight and provides greater stability since the molecules hold together the protective layer.

Liquid Screen Technology

  • The surface of glass is not as even as we believe. Taking a closer look with the help of a electron microscope it looks like a mountain scenery
  • Wowfixit liquid screen protector technology evenly fills up all those little bumps and gaps and makes the screen ultra smooth.

Reduced electromagnetic radiation by 92.7% In This Liquid Screen Protector

  • The nanoparticles of titanium dioxide naturally form a kind of wire mesh (faraday cage) on the nano level.
  • This “nanonet mesh” is very difficult to penetrate for electricity, electrical and magnetic fields. Since, unlike the cage, it is not a cover enclosed on all sides, the shielding is not one hundred percent.
  • Nanoparticles combine in a crystal lattice-like structure creating one of the strongest chemical structures that can be achieved.
  • Nevertheless, the WOWFIXIT protective layer reduces the electromagnetic radiation by 92.7%

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Liquid Screen Protector Is Bubble Free And Completely Invisible

  • Nanotechnology is bubble free and completely invisible.
  • It is dust proof, means dust will not stay on the top of your screen.
  • This nanotechnology will keep your phone screen dust proof and crystal clear.

Liquid Screen Protector Improves The Touchscreen Sensitivity

  • In contrast to “conventional” screen protectors the thin invisible WOWFIXIT protective layer does not affect the sensitivity of the touch screen in any way, but even improves it.
  • WOWFIXIT does not interrupt the flow of current between your finger and the touch screen.
  • All touch screen functions including 3D- touch are retained.

Liquid Screen Protector Can Self-clean, repels water, cleaves fat, kills bacteria

  • The WOWFIXIT protective layer is dual- active and combines two properties that make the display self-cleaning and the antibacterial effect possible.
  • WOWFIXIT– causes a reduction of the surface tension and thus prevents the droplet formation
  • Water droplets hit the display surface. This is often referred to as a hydrophobic effect or as a lotus effect.
  • The nanoparticles are ionized by the WOWFIXIT-protective layer under the influence of sunlight

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